What´s your plan

by Royal Podencos

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released June 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Royal Podencos Santander, Spain

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Track Name: Waiting for the girls
Always try to hold ´em back try to hide ´em feelings
So let me be your lumber jack I can give it all a meaning
So you wanna get down call me on your phone n’ analyze a tricky situation
Knockin on your door take me on the floor

Waiting for the girls allright I´m waiting for the girls
I can´t find the words I can´t find the fucking words

Now that I´m bout to crack and I got to see you
So let us cut som slack don´t it sound appealing
Then you wanna get down call me on your phone n´analyze a tricky situation
Knockin´on my door take you on the floor
Track Name: Long time gone
She´s takin off her jacket She’s takin off her clothes
Shes putting on a number putting on a show
And I know she´s gonna be allright
N´she cuffs me in the corner, she´d love to see me cry
N´ I´m really on the border wish you could tell me why
You gonna pull a knife

Get back gotta find the beaten track get down took a bullet on the run

You gonna be allright/ok she´s gonna look for me but I´ll be long time gone

No takin off her jacket no takin off her clothes no putting on a number no putting on a show
And I know…
She´s gonna miss me on the quarter miss me on the block
Regret she didn´t love me regret she didn´t stop to fuck
Around with my life
Track Name: She hates me
So lets see what she’s feeling for me wish I could get a chance to hold her
And she knows yes she knows as she goes she got me all hooked up

Let the record show, you’re not alone you will never, you´ll never be alone

So young, so dumb, always on the corner looking for some fun
Such a bum, on the run, vicious sweet Vanessa always trying to bring it home

Getting up feeling low guess you know that you’re all I ever think of
But it’s hard yes it’s hard when I spot, you in a fashion magazine

There she goes watch her go and she knows she´s got everybody looking
I don’t care I’m not there anymore I got you off my mind
Track Name: And that feeling´s takin´over
Take a while to look me in the eye
Take a while and hold my hand
Don´t you worry bout no side effects
It´s time for you to go to sleep

And that feeling´s taking over

Can you feel it running through your veins
A little tickle in your eye
Slowly slowly we go through this life
And now it´s time for me to go
Track Name: Revenue ex-con
Listen up listen close everybody my baby´s coming home
Take a moment it´s real everybody, My baby´s long time gone
I never make things up and patience is my deed
So listen up…

We bust a bank me and my honey, she busted me and wasted all the money
So set her free and show me where the doe is
She won´t agree she´d throw me into the sewers

Revenue ex con…
Track Name: So pure
She looks me up she looks me down and baby I can´t seem to find out why
No baby I don´t know no I don´t know I guess my eyes will show my eyes will show

So baby take a break, gimmie just a moment know n´baby
hold me down hold me down n´justify

I got me a brand new Japanese tv screen, I got me a brand new fuckin’ german washing machine

I wanna let go of my material me
I haven´t felt so pure since 1972

I knock you up you knock me down
N´baby I can´t seem to find out why
Oh baby I´m an armadillo n´you´re a raccoon
I´ll be here waiting so come home soon

So baby take…
Track Name: Giovannis recepy
So she needs it, and she feeds it, nothing really matters
Was so easy, no good reason, see what she can gather
Going crazy, in her face and who told you she was different Now it´s peeling, nails are bleeding, don´t know when it took over,

Shape me up & get me a shower give me a ride & take me home
So won´t you pick me up

Get up get up get up its taking over
This shit is killing me
Won´t you let it be
Won´t you set me free

She´s so greedy, while she feeds it, nothing ever mattered
Wasn´t easy, try and please it, always try to gather
Going crazy, in her face and who told you she was different Now it´s peeling, nails are bleeding, don´t know when it took over
Shape me up…
Track Name: What´s your plan
There she stands
There she stands with her magic hands on you really trigger me into a deeper understanding
Whats your plan
Whats your plan give me just a
Way back give me another shot of moral right up the back bone

On and on (she goes) part of the plan

There she stands
Wish I could dance with my baby oh man I love to watch her sliding down the freeway to get me
Whats your plan
Whats your plan give me just a
Way back give me another kiss and lovin right on the table

What´s your plan-
Oh baby what´s your plan, Oh baby I´m your man, i´m reaching out my hand